Critère « [CACHING] »

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Fournir les informations de mise en cache dans les réponses HTTP.
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18 octobre 2010
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Objectif(s) :
Limited bandwidth and high latency can reduce the usability of Web sites on mobile devices. Using caching information effectively can reduce the need to reload data such as style sheets, images and pages, thus improving performance and reducing cost of use. It can also prevent the reuse of content where this is not appropriate, for example content that is adapted for one device should not be re-used by different devices. Devices and network caches are both affected by caching information.
Solution(s) technique(s) :
Set expiry times in a way that is appropriate to your application. Consider using Cache-Control: public to allow sharing of pages between devices, Cache-Control: private to allow re-use but only by the requesting device and Cache-Control: nocache to prevent caching.
Moyen(s) de contrôle :
Machine Test: Check for the presence of cache headers on the HTTP response.
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niveau 1
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